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An experimental fusion of narrative FMV (Full Motion Video), point and click investigation and quick time event (QTE) based interactive games.


A "classic" hit 'n run case or at least it seems like. Play the detective's role and try to solve the case with your assistant, Susan. Pay attention to the details during your investigation, find the clues and evidence, complete the puzzle and be sure you are ready to face your demons and answer all the questions, since your life depends on it...


Cinematic videos.
Redesigned and simplified controls.
Improved sound design.
Quick time events.
Hidden clues to find.
Alternative endings.

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Action closest to reality!


Frequent choices, multiple different attack combinations

Character development

Your karma depends on your actions  


Twisting story with alternate endings

Stunning locations

No more boring bunkers, hit the road!


Jump right in the middle of the adventure...



Contact info at newideagames dot com to get more information about the project